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Archive November 2010

How To Choose A Tanning Salon……

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
Tanning salons are great for keeping a tan all year long. Picking a tanning salon is different than picking a hair salon or other type of salon because you want to make sure they are of utmost quality to ensure you are getting the most current information and products. This will help keep your tan and your skin looking its best all year long.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a tanning salon.

How often do you want to visit?

What hours is the tanning salon open?

Do they only have beds, or do they also have spray on or airbrush tanning too?

In addition to these considerations you may also want to keep the following in mind.

Ask Your Friends- The best way to get the scoop is to ask someone who has been there.  With the Internet it is very easy to check reviews and see what others think of the salon.  At Expressions we encourage an open door policy with our clients to make sure we are always offering services and products they desire. You will find a contact form to our management on our website at

Take A Salon Tour- Just like when you are looking for a new place to live it is a very good idea to take a tour of the place. What is the environment like? Is it relaxing, and well maintained? How well does the staff treat you? Determine what your options for tanning beds are and how they are cleaned. Our policy at Expressions is to give every new customer a tour of the salon. We will show you all the beds and explain the differences of each to help you determine the best tanning package for your needs. We currently have 5 levels to choose from and are proud of the warm, relaxing environment we have created and continue to maintain.

Compare Memberships, Packages, and Pricing- Because it will take several sessions to achieve your optimal tan you will want to determine if they have packages or memberships at a discounted rate. Always find out the details on any memberships to make sure you understand the contract period and what the cancellation policy is. We have done our research and are confident that Expressions Tanning has the best memberships and packages for the best price in the valley. As a locally owned and operated company it is important to us that we offer the best services at the best prices.

Look At The Equipment- Is the equipment modern or do the beds look like they are ready to fall apart at any minute.  At Expressions we offer only the latest technology and services.

What Other Services Are Offered- A good salon will offer additional services to make your visit even more rewarding. Eye protection, Lotions, and Skin Care Products are a few of the items you should look for.  Expressions Tanning offers all of the above and then some! We also have a Hydration Station, which is the ultimate skin moisturizing treatment, Teeth Whitening, and Lumiere Facials. In addition to those we have a Boutique where you can purchase cute purses, clothing, jewelry and more!

Expressions Tanning looks forward to being your tanning destination of choice. If at anytime you have additional questions feel free to call or write to us through our website.

Advantages to Indoor Tanning at Expressions

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
Indoor Tanning vs. Outdoor Tanning

As compared with outdoor tanning, indoor tanning is a controlled environment. This allows you to get your best tan while minimizing the risk of sunburn and other problems associated with outdoor tanning.

Indoor tanning gives you the benefit of learning about tanning from a trained professional. At Expressions Tanning all our technicians are SmartTan certified and are educated on the latest technologies and safest ways for you to achieve your desired results.

Expressions Tanning can provide you with information about and access to the products that you need to get a good tan. They have the tanning lotions that can help your skin and improve your tan’s appearance.

Expressions Tanning is a salon. In other words, it’s a place where you can go to give yourself a treat. Many people enjoy the benefits of coming into the salon that can’t be obtained outdoors including the pampering, specialized treatment and relaxation of the salon environment. <p>

Indoor tanning at Expressions helps to give you the best tan that you can get. This improves your appearance and helps to boost your self esteem. When you look your best, you feel your best.

The ultraviolet light used in indoor tanning is believed to have both physical and psychological benefits that can further improve the way that you feel overall. UV light produces Vitamin D. It can reduce cholesterol and improve the efficiency of your heart. And it is even believed to help some people with weight loss and some cancers.

So, when you come to Expressions, you achieve a number of advantages over tanning outdoors. You get the safety of a controlled environment in which you learn to use tanning lotions to get the best, safest tan possible. But you also get so much more than this because you obtain psychological benefits from the indulgence of the spa experience and physical benefits from the UV light used in the salon.

Our Smart Tan Certified technicians can help you determine the best way for you to achieve your optimal results. Come into Expressions Tanning today!