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Q: Is indoor tanning “better” than outdoor tanning?

A: The short answer to this question is “yes.” The main reason is that the amount of potentially harmful UV light is more tightly controlled in an indoor setting than it is if you choose to get color from the sun. A SmartTan certified technician like those employed by Expressions Tanning Destination can help you minimize the risk of sunburn by taking into account your skin type, intensity of the equipment used and adjusting exposure time accordingly. We offer several different types of tanning beds: one of which is just right for you. An outdoor setting is a much less controlled environment where a variety of factors come into play: altitude, time of day, weather conditions, reflective surfaces and so forth. Because these factors cannot be controlled, you are much more likely to be subjected to unhealthy burning out of doors.

Q: I don’t want exposure to UV rays at all. Are there alternatives to tanning beds?

A: Indeed there are! Expressions Tanning Destination has two UV- Free tanning options to choose from: Our Norvell® airbrush system is totally UV-free, is applied by hand by one of our professionally-trained specialists, and gives you a natural looking tan that lasts from 5 to 7 days. If you prefer, we also offer the MyMyst™ System from Mystic Tan: a leading provider of sunless tanning equipment. This self-service booth provides even automatic spraying that’s fast and provides lasting and beautiful results in complete privacy.

Q: Won’t sunless tanning turn me orange?

A: No way! At Expressions Tanning Destination, all of our tanning technicians are Smart Tan certified and are experienced in mixing customized shades of brown that are perfect for your skin type. In fact, sunless tanning fans come from as far away as Utah County because they know that we are the best at what we do. No orange allowed!

Q: Are there any health benefits that come with indoor tanning?

A: Yes! Concerns about skin cancer have led to excessive use of sun block products, which in turn has resulted in massive vitamin D deficiencies in the general population. A reasonable amount of vitamin D, naturally derived from UV light, is absolutely essential to good health! It has been scientifically proven that indoor tanners who use tanning beds have 90% higher vitamin D levels than non-tanners, and the risks of overexposure to UV light is significantly lower for indoor tanners than they are for outdoor sun lovers. Moderate exposure is the key to adequate vitamin D production: and you simply can’t get enough from supplements alone.

Q: What is a “base tan?”

A: A base tan is a term that refers to the skin’s basic tanning level that will help to naturally protect it from sunburn. Many Expressions Tanning Destination clients use our high quality tanning beds to establish a base tan before going on vacation or to prepare for summer pool season. This gradual exposure to UV light helps prevent burning that occurs when the skin is suddenly exposed to sunlight for hours at a time.

Q: Why is skin moisturizing so important?

A: The skin is a biological system that is constantly carrying on biochemical reactions in order to repair and replenish itself; and the bottom line is: it simply can’t carry out these reactions as effectively without the presence of a moisturizing agent such as water. Inadequate amounts of water in and around skin cells disrupts normal function: that’s why it’s so essential to drink plenty of water and also expose your skin to as many water-based treatments as possible. Moisturizing treatments will help reduce the effects of sun damage and help you skin respond more positively to other treatments such as tanning and facials.

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