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UV Free Tanning

Going on vacation next week? Have a wedding coming up? If you don’t have time to build your own natural tan or if tanning beds just don’t suit your style, Expressions Tanning offers a choice of two different air brush systems that will give you a gorgeous golden brown tan in minutes! UV-Free tanning is also a perfect choice for those whose skin doesn’t tan naturally or who want to avoid unnecessary exposure to UV light.

How self-tanners work: All self-tanners are essential non-toxic, completely safe dyes that do not produce a “real tan” — rather, the ingredients create a tanned appearance by leaving a brown color on the surface of the skin after they are applied. There are many products on the market that are created for home use, but they tend to come out looking “streaky,” have an unpleasant lingering odor, or produce an unnatural “orange-y” color.

Our self-tanning systems use a combination of high quality dye colors along with touch-free professional application to create a tan that looks a completely natural, “just off the beach” look that you will be proud to show off. Expressions Tanning Destination offers a choice of the Norvell® air brush system, custom-applied by our certified technicians, or the MyMyst HD System™ from Mystic Tan® which features automatic machine application. Either of these products will give you a golden-brown, polished look in just minutes along with beautiful color that lasts 4-7 days: no mess, no fuss, no kidding!

Why Choose Expressions For UV-Free Tanning?

Expressions Tanning offers only the very latest and best in UV-Free tanning products, equipment and techniques. In fact, clients come from as far away as Park City and Utah County to enjoy the Expressions difference!

Our Formulas Look Completely Natural: You can trust our highly trained technicians to select the perfect blend of colors to suit your unique skin tone. NO ORANGE ALLOWED…EVER! When your session is over, your skin will have a totally natural, sun-kissed glow, and you will look and feel gorgeous.

Customized Tanning: When you choose the Norvell® air brush system, your tanning technician will customize your color just the way you like it. Want your legs to be a little darker or your face a little lighter? No problem! And the experienced application skills of our technicians make a big difference too: they will help you feel totally comfortable while giving you a completely natural look every time.

** Disposable garments and hair caps provided

A Unique Spa Setting: Expressions is more than just a tanning facility — it is a total skin health and beauty experience! We offer a wide variety of services such as our soothing and relaxing facials by our Master Esthetician, waxing, and even affordable and effective teeth whitening to help you look and feel your best for that special event, upcoming vacation, or if you just want to pamper yourself a little.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. See why clients come from all over Salt Lake City and surrounding areas to experience the Expressions Tanning difference.

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