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Mission Statement

Here at Expressions Tanning & Beauty our mission is that all people regardless of age, gender, or background should be comfortable with who they are.  We want to help with that by providing an inviting and comfortable environment for you to come and dare to be you!!  It’s not just about tanning here, it’s about rejuvenation, relaxation, and overall wellness.  Come take a 30 minute vacation with us and feel pampered any day of the year!

Premium Beds
Sunless Tanning
Relaxation & Wellness


  • Tanning —  Starting at $6
  • Airbrush —  Starting at $30 
  • Deluxe Airbrush —  Starting at $45
  • Mystic Tan  — Starting at $20 
  • Red Light Therapy  — $20
  • Water Massage with red light — $25
  • Wellness Pod — $20

Luxurious, quality, Amazing

Spa Packages

Expressions Tanning believes you shouldn’t have to break the bank to look and feel good, so we’ve put together four incredible spa packages that will let you be treated like royalty at the best price possible. Can your day get any more amazing than that? We don’t think so.


Deluxe Duo ($55)

Experience the cleansing power of an Aqua Bella facial, and then follow it up with the rejuvenating experience of the 100% UV-free Beauty Angel red light treatment. You’ll swear your face went back in time after you’re done!


Terrific Trio ($75)

The Deluxe Duo seemed like an unbeatable experience, but then we decided to add in a session in the Cocoon to make the Terrific Trio. After we finish making you look amazing, you’ll relax with soothing massage vibrations and aromatherapy to make you feel as great as you look.


Fire and Ice ($40)

Sometimes you really just need to relax, and we’ve got you covered. First, you’ll enjoy a session in one of our water massage beds to get you feeling refreshed before getting put into your own wellness sanctuary — the Cocoon. You’ll be a completely new person once you’re done!


Ulti-Spa ($99.99)

Do you want to feel like a king or queen? Like, seriously, the most relaxed and beautiful person in all the world? This is the package that will make it happen. We’ll give you an Aqua Bella Facial, the Beauty Angel, the Aqua Frixio water massage, and the Cocoon all in one day. We don’t think your life will ever be the same after this one!

affordable every day pampering

Become a Member

IIt’s time to take your beautiful self to the next level, and we’re here to help you do just that with one of our incredible membership plans. These plans are designed to give you the best value imaginable on the services you need, including both unlimited usage and discounts on everything we offer! Here are some of our most popular plans:


Your Plan

Disk Space



Email Accounts




Unlimited level 1-2 beds

40% off spa services

50% off mystic tan


per month



unlimited level 1-3 beds

50% off spa services

50% off mystic tan

unlimited red light treatments

50% off all other services


per month



unlimited use of all beds!

unlimited spa services! *

unlimited mystic tan!

unlimited red light treatments

$45 teeth whitening


per month


Not quite what you’re looking for? We have other plans, and we have specialty memberships for those interested only in mystic, airbrush, or spa services.

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